Ohio Department of Education – Office of Career-Technical Education

Ohio Career Connections

Career Connections offer practical ways for teachers and school counselors, families and community members to show students, as early as in kindergarten, the types of jobs possible for them.

 Ohio Career-Technical Dictionary (Terminology or Glossary of Terms)

 Ohio Career-Technical Education Student Organizations

CTE student organizations are a component of career-technical programs with activities designed to support instructional objectives and attainment of academic and technical competencies while helping students develop citizenship, interpersonal and leadership skills


WorkKeys® assessments measure skills that employers feel are essential to success in the workplace. Students, job seekers, and seasoned professionals can use WorkKeys® to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses and gain a valid way to demonstrate their abilities to employers. Educators and employers can use it to help take the guesswork out of determining student, applicant, and employee qualifications.

WorkKeys® Resources

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